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B58 Stage 1 Engine Build

Gen 1 B58 2016-2019

Gen 2 B58 2020 and up


Stage 1 (up to 950HP)

82mm Piston/Rod


Stage 1


BC H beam billet rod used on stock crank builds

82mm JE piston/CP with and upgraded wrist pins

King Coated Race bearings

Cometic MLX Gasket or XCS Fire Ring (1050hp and up)

Special hone for cylinder walls

ARP Main Studs

ARP Head Studs (2000 or CA625)

Balance crankshaft



*New for 2023, ARP flexplate bolts and upgrade crank dampener bolts included


Additional cylinder head work with valvetrain recommended after 900HP


Supertech Valvetrain

Sodium filled inconel exhaust valves

Stainless Intake valves

5 and 6mm billet keepers

Beehive Springs and Titanium Retainers

Valve seals


Machining of cylinder head included race valve job, bowl area porting and diamond cut resurface. Proper install height is check upon spring installation making sure all heights and spring pressure is set correctly for the engine build.


New for Fall 2022 our Race Head. CNC Ported and Newen Radius Valve Job (best in the industry)  The most import part of flow in the cylinder head is the valve job.  Anyone can do a standard valve but the Newen Machine takes it to the next level. Our race valve job has proven to provided excellent flow and the best valve seal on the market.


Price includes free tear down for inspection, final longblock assembly and shipping prep if needed.


There's no warranty on engine builds, once the engine start up and it runs, thats it. We cannot be liable for engines because theres to many factors that goes on after start up.  IE, injector clogged, wrong oil or abuse within the first few miles of engine running.

B58 Stage 1 Engine Build

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