B58 Stroker Build Package

Looking for that broader powerband?  Increase your stroke by almost 6mm with the BC stroker kit.  


BC 100mm billet crank 

BC I beam billet stroker rod 

82mm JE piston with coatings 

ARP studs 

OEM/Race bearings 

Special hone for cylinder walls

Check balance 



Sodium filled inconel exhaust valves 

Stainless intake valves 

5 and 6mm billet keepers

Beehive springs and ti retainers 

Valve seals 

Race valve job

Bowl blending porting

Diamond cut resurface 

Check install height and set proper spring pressure 


Cometic MLS gasket 

Assembly and blueprint 




Sleeving with built in fire ring add $2800

Billet Main Caps with ARP Main Studs add $1800

B58 Stroker Build Package