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B58 Stroker Kit

Stroke your b58 to a 3.2 liter.  Capable of making 1200+ HP with the proper turbo setup.



The BC stroker kit for the Toyota B58B30 engine platform incorporates a 100mm stroke, steel billet crank, BC 4340 Pro Series Heavy-Duty connecting rods rated to 1600+ horsepower. Depending on bore size that you decide, the BC kit will take you up to a 3.2L with 82mm bore. The BC kit features choice of custom JE aluminum forged pistons, 9310 alloy wrist pins and complete ring pack. Built for high horsepower and torque. Stroker kits also available with lightweight crank option (-8 lbs). 

  • BC 4340 billet steel crankshaft (100mm stroke).
  • BC 4340 Pro Series connecting rods w/ARP625+ or ARP2000 fasteners.
  • JE aluminum forged pistons 
  • 9310 Series upgraded wrist pins standard.
  • Ductile iron plasma top rings, tapered second ring, low tension oil rings.
  • Fully system balanced and ready to install. (50% deposit required)

B58 Stroker Kit

$8,050.00 Regular Price
$7,647.50Sale Price
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