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FIC B58 Injectors

Fuel Injector Clinic

Available in 1000cc and 1650cc


1000cc on the b58 engine will max out around 900hp, anything above that we use the 1650cc in our engines.


Data Match Technologies


When Fuel Injector Clinic’s Data Match Technology information is correctly input into your Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the data will allow the ECU to dictate PRECISELY the right amount of fuel to combine with the air in your intake port to consistently achieve the correct Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR), which means you’ll get more complete combustion in your combustion chambers.

Fuel Injector Clinic has developed a specialized flow bench in collaboration with ECMTuning, Inc., which accurately measures the microscopic volume of fluid dispensed while it is being operated by a car’s ECU. This method provides tuners with the best possible injector data to successfully tune their cars.

The Data Match Technology information sheet provided with each set of Fuel Injector Clinic injectors matched using this method gives you three sets of very important data:

Dynamic Slope Flow Rate for each individually serial numbered injector,

Individual Injector Offset Values for each serial numbered injector in your set,

Injector Voltage Offset table.

FIC B58 Injectors

$740.00 Regular Price
$703.00Sale Price
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