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G8x/G2x Stand Alone Auxiliary Fuel System

G8x/G2x Stand Alone Auxiliary Fuel System is the highest performing and most stable low pressure fuel system on the market! Forget about how things have been done and embrace the benefits of dedicated fueling for your port injection! 


Features & Benefits

  • Billet Aluminum top hat with 3 high flow fuel ports
  • Dedicated fuel pump(s) for port injection system
  • Optimal pump location resistant to fuel slosh under acceleration
  • Fully adjustable 1:1 scaling billet fuel pressure regulator
  • 10 micron USA made Microglass fuel filter (Ideal for E85)
  • Smooth bore high flow PTFE fuel feed & return lines (AN6)
  • All billet connections for both fuel line fittings and top-hat
  • Plug and play connectors inside and outside* the top hat
  • Configurable pump activation harness (see instructions for more details)
  • Increased injector flow (when using 1:1 regulator feature vs static)
  • Compatible with all stock or upgraded primary fuel pumps
  • Easily expandable and upgrade-able for more fuel
  • All components and parts feature 100% Ethanol Compatibility


The AFS.800 dedicated auxiliary fuel system comes with all** necessary components to provide dedicated fuel system for port injection.  Featuring Two Walbro 535’s (F9000295) fuel pumps with a combined flow of 800LPH at 3 bar.

G8x/G2x Stand Alone Auxiliary Fuel System

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