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Hybrid Fuel Pump

These pumps are ideal for customers looking to run a single fuel line to the front of the car and feed the high-pressure fuel pump and port injection from a single pump assembly. 


  • Stage 2.5 (474 LPH @ 5 Bar) 103% increase over stock
    Our Stage 2.5 bucketed/bucketless hybrid fuel pump kit includes all necessary components to quickly and easily upgrade your stock pump. This pump kit utilizes the OEM brushless pump in the bucket and adds a Walbro 525 (F90000285) fuel pump outside the bucket. Rated for 950whp on pump gas and 900 whp on 100% E85 
    • Included in the box
      • Walbro 525 (F90000295 fuel pump)
      • Billet Fuel Pump mounting bracket
      • High flow fuel quick connects for top hat
      • *Upgraded fuel line from tank to front of car
        • G2x Lines are pre-made and plug & play
        • All others are universal
      • 10 Micron USA made inline fuel filter
      • Pump activation harness to control fuel pump

Hybrid Fuel Pump

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