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Motiv Reflex Kit

The Motive Reflex kit, the leading control box of port injection, boost, fuel pump and/or nitrous.  This unit works in conjunction with ECUtek allows smooth control and tuning with ease.



  • ReFlex™ plug and play harness

    • This plug and play harness connects to all of the following: port injection, ethanol sensor, low pressure fuel sensor, charge pipe, intake CAM, and crank sensor.

  • CAN + power splitter

    • The CAN + power splitter connects the harness to the body domain controller in the passenger footwell behind the kick-plate.

  • Charge pipe extension cable

    • The charge pipe extension cable connects into the charge pipe MAP sensor to read higher boost pressures for those tuning with Bootmod3 or MHD on B58 Gen 1 and Gen 2 platforms.  It does not fit the S58 G8X chassis; if tuning with Bootmod3 or MHD on the G8X Chassis (S58 engine), we recommend changing the TMAP sensor to a higher pressure 4 Bar sensor rather than trying to extend to the charge pipe.

  • Auxiliary cable pack

    • Four additional cables are included to simplify future expansions such as additional sensors, methanol, or NOS.  These 8 ft. cables plug directly into the unused ReFlex™ harness auxiliary ports Aux Out 1/2/3 and Aux in 4 (PSI).

  • Flex Fuel Kit (with filter and ethanol sensor)

    • TMS Flex Fuel Kits are designed to be plug and play, without splicing or tapping any wires.  Your car can be completely returned to stock if desired.  Each kit is designed to replace an OEM fuel line with the TMS custom designed Fuel Line Assembly and Filter, utilizing the ethanol content analyzer and ethanol sensor.

  • ReFlex Plus™

  • ReFlex Plus™ mounting bracket

    • The mounting bracket holds the ReFlex™ safely in place in the access compartment next to the engine bay on the passenger side.

  • Motiv™ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor

  • Fuel pressure sensor fitting

Compatible Car Models:

  • 2020-present Toyota Supra™ A9X

  • 2016 BMW Gen 1 B58

  • 2020-present BMW Gen 2 B58

  • 2021-present BMW G80/2



  • EcuTek RaceRom
  • Port Injection Rail Kit 
  • Upgraded charge pipe - P2uned Charge Pipe

Motiv Reflex Kit

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