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Motiv Reflex Kit

The Motive Reflex kit, the leading control box of port injection, boost, fuel pump and/or nitrous.  This unit works in conjunction with ECUtek allows smooth control and tuning with ease.


What’s included:

  • MOTIV RE|FLEX with Visconti Firmware
  • Visconti Plug & Play Sequential Injector Harness
  • Visconti Plug & Play Controller Harness
  • Visconti Plug & Play Engine Integration Harness
  • Visconti Flex Fuel Port Injection Fitting
  • ORB6 Male to -6AN Male Swivel 45 Degree Adapter
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor (150PSI)

What advantages does this kit have over other solutions:

  • 100% Plug and Play Wiring Harness
  • 100% Controlled over CANBUS
  • Allows for true Flex Fuel
  • Installs in 4HRS
  • Easy to uninstall, no wires to repair or cut.


  • EcuTek RaceRom
  • Port Injection Rail Kit 
  • Upgraded charge pipe - P2uned Charge Pipe

Motiv Reflex Kit

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