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xHP Flash Combo (Flash License + Map Pack)

Flash your BMW/Toyota Supra with the xHP Flash Combo and customize it to your needs! 


This xHP Flash Combo includes a Flash License for a single 8-Speed G-Series/Supra Automatic, and a xHP Map Pack, which includes Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 OTS Maps.


Requires the MHD WIFI Orange Adapter or THOR WiFi Pink Adapter.

The MHD WIFI Black Adapter or any ENET Cable WILL NOT work.

Flash License: 

  • Enables unlimited flashing for a single Vehicle (VIN - Lock) 
  • Includes all Customization Options for your BMW: Shiftpoint Editor, customize Launch Control, Torque Limiters, Throttle Blips and much more
  • Enables to flash Tunes from the xHP Map Pack
  • Enables to flash custom maps

xHP Map Pack: 

  • Includes Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 OTS Maps
  • Developed individually for your specific car
  • Faster Shifts, raised Line Pressure, adapted Shiftpoints and much more


 You can instantly flash the xHP OTS Tunes to your transmission or start to tweak your stock backup with our built in custom functions. Through an easy to use interface you can alter Shift Points, Throttle Blips, Torque Limiters, Launch Control function, Gear Display and much more*. All of those functions even work on xHP's OTS Tunes, so you can further tailor everything to your liking!

xHP's Stages are developed individually per vehicle at our site. xHP runs a huge fleet of BMW vehicles to develop and constantly improve our setups. Every setup is developed on the road under real world driving conditions.  City, Autobahn, Country Roads, Mountains and Race Tracks... it's all nearby and crucial for testing. xHP's goal is always to make a car more fun to drive, in every situation. 

As every vehicle offers a different base to tune and a different overall characteristic, the features and changes of our setups vary from car to car. 

All Stages are developed within the limits of the specific transmission! Millions of miles already driven on xHP setups and the best proof for the reliability of their setups and the durability of the best-in-class ZF & Getrag Auto – Transmissions used by BMW!

The xHP Flashtool Smartphone/Tablet App is available for Android, iOS or Mac and Windows!

*availability of options depends on specific vehicle 

xHP Flash Combo (Flash License + Map Pack)

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